We recognise the negative impact online shopping has on the environment and would like to do our best to reduce our carbon footprint. To help make this process as efficient as possible, we like to dedicate one day of the week to do our shipments.

Also, please be prepared to wait 1-2 weeks for your package to be with you as we prefer to use standard shipping rather than express. This helps take the pressure off our delivery services and helps them become more efficient too. 

A little bit of your patience can go a very long way... how neat is that!

Some Kura Studio products are also subject to being 'Made to order'/ 'Printed on order'. These items will take a little bit longer to be with you but we promise it'll be worth the wait. 



With the rapid growth of online shopping, our greatest fear is that one day, the world will drown in bubblewrap. Period. 

At Kura, we take packaging very seriously and have questioned and tested what is really needed to get your package safely to your doorstep. Plastic for us is a no-go, so we use paper-based packaging materials where possible so that they can easily be recycled/ shredded or composted to your heart's content. 


R E T U R N S/  E X C H A N G E S/  R E F U N D S

We pride ourselves in producing high quality work for you. So if your purchase arrives and you believe it to be faulty or something is not quite right, please let us know about it straight away. We commit ourselves to providing you with the best quality works of art and will try our best to resolve the problem to the best of our abilities. We will of course fix any issues not caused by neglect, free of charge. 

Kura Studio does not usually provide refunds for errors made by the purchaser or for “change of mind” decisions made after your goods have been dispatched. If there were errors made by us with your order (whoops), please let us know immediately and we will do our best to provide an exchange and send the correct item you were after. 


L A R G E   O R D E R S /   O T H E R

If you are a business interested in commissions/ purchasing/ ordering large quantities please contact us directly through HERE for a quote. 





We hope we have covered most of your questions/ concerns. 

For anything else specific, please don't hesitate to contact us on,