'On Connection'

An annual lecture series run by Emerging Architects + Graduates Network (EmAGN) WA
in Perth, Western Australia.

3 O v e r 4 U n d e r


State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

On the 11th of October of 2018, we had the pleasure of presenting Kura Studio at ‘3 Over 4 Under’. The theme of the night was ‘On Connection’.

The standard format of the night (as speakers) goes like this. You arrive at location, hopefully on time, to receive a stamp on your wrist and a free drink of course (tames the nerves before the show). There are many people already there, more eager than you, making juggling conversations and canapes look like a breeze while you swallow that persistent lump in your throat.

The theatre bell rings, “3 Over 4 Under is about to begin, please proceed to studio underground”.

6:00pm Welcome and intro to theme ‘On Connection’ – Amanda Hendry (Chair of EmAGN)

6:05pm Speech by CASA / SONA – Maddie Di Prinzio and Samantha Dye

6:10pm Speech by AIA President – Suzie Hunt

6:15pm Speech by Justin Taylor (Doric Group)

6:20pm 1st Speaker: Michael Phillips - Ateliervivo

6:34pm 2nd Speaker: Neil Cownie - Neil Cownie Architect

6:47pm 3rd Speaker: Serena Pangestu and Anika Kalotay - Kura Studio

7:00pm Intermission (Drinks and nibbles)

7:30pm >>Theatre Bell<<

7:40pm 4th Speaker: Jimmy Thompson - MJA Studio

7:55pm 5th Speaker: Drew Penhale - Penhale and Winter

8:10pm 6th Speaker: Jon Denaro, Luke Davey and Bec Juniper - Obscure View 

8:25pm 7th Speaker: Robyn Creagh

8:40pm Q&A

8:50pm Thankyou’s and wrap up

9:00pm The End

Great night. Great people. Check them out.