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Our item's are made to live with you for a long time. This will require on your part a little bit of TLC every now and then to make your goods last. 


Timber (Kitchen Utensils)

Be sure to only hand wash wooden utensils with soap and warm water. Unfortunately, the harsh detergent and heat in the dishwasher will completely spoil the wood in just a few cycles.

Dry the wooden spoons with a towel immediately after washing rather than letting them air dry. Residual moisture from washing will get absorbed into the wood which may cause the wood to swell and crack over time.

And then once a month or so, rub in a little mineral oil/ linseed oil with a soft cloth. This will restore the warm polished look and keep the wood in good condition.


Timber (Other)

The more contact your timber object has with your skin, the smoother the surfaces will generally become. If they're looking a little bit dull and lifeless however, it is probably a good idea to rub a little mineral oil/ linseed oil into the surface with a soft cloth. 



Our ceramic wares consist of unglazed or partially glazed stoneware and porcelain. This vitrified stoneware/porcelain is highly durable, non porous as well as stain resistant. It is dishwasher friendly, however we recommend to hand wash the wares with mild detergent and hot water.