Kura Studio is a practice interested in the benefits that good design has on our daily lives. Co-founded by Anika Kalotay and Serena Pangestu, Kura Studio believes that responsive design can turn day-to-day tasks into thoughtful moments.

The practice has evolved into one that designs objects for the everyday as well as explores concepts through making. To extend and complement their range the studio selects objects from around the world that share a common ethos. They are also involved in projects concerned with strengthening the community, the way people live and the relationship we have with the environment.

No matter what it is, Kura Studio encourages curiosity and awareness in everyday living and learning.

|Kura| Derived from the Indonesian word kura-kura, meaning tortoise. A tortoise moves slowly because it doesn’t need to be fast.

If you have any curiosities about us and you’re keen to say hello,

send us an email at mail@kurastudio.com